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Steven Hansen has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with minor degrees in Spanish, Computer Science, Math, and Physics. He grew up in the heart of the Wastach front in a little bit of country, Lindon, Utah, just 15 minutes from the famed Sundance resort (home of the Sundance film festival), and minutes more to a dozen other ski resorts.

The expertise of Steven Hansen is with web development company names Spatical Company that was incorporated in 2006. The primary focus of this company is creating web applications of all sizes, blogs, contact management systems, social networks, etc. He is very profecent in many different web languages including his favorites, php and python, with also experience with c, c++, java, vhdl, verilog, c#, objective-c and others languages and protocols in various other projects.

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He keeps a blog of his useful findings and other stuff.

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